'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Visionary Art

I have art projects yet to be crossed off my 2012 list, even though it's 2013. These are without tight deadlines, but still to be done. Old lists lead into new. Like birthdays year to year. Another day and I don't feel different. Yet.
'New Book In Heaven' (detail) mixed media
I have to focus on finishing these art pieces before looking at new ideas. It's hard not to look ahead: no unwrapping a present before its time. What will be envisioned next?
Many artists are 'visionary.'
Sometimes I am and sometimes not. Sometimes I see the completed artwork before I start. Sometimes I let the painting process or wood shard be my art guide and follow it blindly through many wrong turns.
There's no real instruction book on the 'right way' to procede when creating.
I just look forward to turning the page to start creating the next chapter.
And seeing if what was envisioned turns into art.


Cynthia Myers said...

I would like to have a vague idea and then just seeing want happens, but I'm a planner. I have to sketch it all out. Lately, doing this commission stuff...I find myself over-planning and I don't like it. Today I talked with the woman that wants her Collie painting done how ever I think best... Then she drew out on a piece paper where she wants the dog, which way she should be looking, the color of the background and could I add some starfish?....
I swear that I can't wait until I'm done and able to freely create!

Carole said...

Hi Robin...I imagining "New Book In Heaven" to be quite big. Am I right? I join you in enjoying turning the pages. Happy week to you.

Karin Lynn Cumming said...

Always visionary to me....I think you would be a fun person to be around. I love the way you see things....so different than me but that is what I love about artists....different but share the creative experience. You have Scanda "hoovian" genes? I come from strong Swedish stock myself.

Robin Kent said...

'New Book in Heaven' isn't that big, maybe 24" tall, although I could imagine it huge!
Karin- yes, part of my traceable mutt pedigree is Swedish/Finnish, and my mother pronounces it just like you!