'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Ways of Looking at Art

'When Spike Met Spot'
Acrylic on Antique Barn Board
©robin r kent

I recently read in an art magazine a comment on how any original creative work is always the interpretation of the artist. The gist was even photo realism artists looking at the same subject will paint it differently. A good observation I thought.
Thinking it out a little further, the same holds true at the other end - with the observer. Some art I think mundane, while other viewers go gaga; naive, contemporary folk art connects with me, others think unfinished or childish. Go figure. Something for everyone.

I suppose it’s best to start with a healthy appreciation of the basics and to master them: drawing, composition, and color theory are the ones I notice. Every work needs to have a proficiency of one or some of them to be successful. But after that, what?

It’s taken me years to loosen up and find my style. I’m willing to keep the parts I like and expand on the rest. Loose rules. That’s the nice thing about art. Whatever works goes. Or, go with whatever works.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How many Robin Kents are there?

Vanity Box
Mixed Media
©robin r kent
I know I have a common name. But I feel connected to it since I've had it for soooooo long.
And feel like I own it. All mine. But after looking into my blog neighbors (last post), now I'm wondering how many other Robin Kents are there?

I know there is an artist in Washington D.C. http://photographybykent.com  Fabulous in his own medium. And Robin Kent, a marketing and advertising professional in New York City is probably located the closest to me. Another Robin Kent is a British Architecture and Conversationist, now located in Scotland. http://www.robinkent.com Then there's Dr. Robin Kent. A consultant in the plastics industry. I think most Robin Kents are men.

I wonder what else we have in common. I wonder if they see things the way I do. I wonder if they'd like my art.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Surfing My Blogspot Neighbors

Mixed Media
©robin r kent
Babies, quilters, musicians, knitters, photographers, and someone who had been removed. Wonder what for? What kind of blog was that about?!!
I'm curious how the blog powers decide to group us. Is it by chronological order when we first started our blog? I know it's not by subject matter. Not in any kind of order that I can tell.  And does it shuffle around every time you sign on, like a deck of cards? I have a hard enough time keeping my own papers in order. Must be something only the Giant Cyberspace Pumpkin knows.
I always have to search for the artists. Never can see enough art.
Artist connections through the blog have been deeply humbling. I have found truly gifted artists I would never have met any other way. Their art is fantastic and their writings and/or literary knowledge enlightening. Check out some of my kindred colleagues on my 'follow' list. Some are contemporary folk, naive, outsider artists in the same category as my work. Others are artists whose media or word style I'd like to experiment with someday.
I appreciate our friendship. They add a richness to my quiet life in the shop.