'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Papers Everywhere

'The Happy Couple'
Acrylic on wood wall assemblage
I constantly am organizing, filing or recycling paper. In many forms-magazines, junk mail, notes. I look at the shredder and think what a great artistic tool. Maybe when things slow down and I stop decluttering the house. 
Does paper reproduce overnight while I sleep?  
photos from the barn attic
I am not a collector. I could live spare and sparse. Not so with Jim. And I do appreciate his ‘eye’. Ephemera is near and dear to his heart. Love the old photos he found upstairs in the barn. Wonder who they were? They, like good art, beckon, giving off an energy of their own. Wonder if they ever thought in their wildest dreams they might be the subjects for original art? 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy Robins

'Crazy robin' photoshop doodle
©robin r kent
Turning the corner from winter to spring: the ground smells sweet, the sun's angle is friendlier, and flocks of birds are returning. We have come full circle. Tomorrow (St. Patty's Day) is my one year anniversary for this blog. I'd do something special like change the format, but no time for that yet.
I drove through a flock of robins this past week and didn't know how we avoided each other. Maybe a professional courtesy since we share the same name. Some stay all winter. But all are hungry and feasting on the last of the existing berries. The berries froze and thawed and refroze through the winter so now they've fermented. And many robins, having one too many, are flying under the influence. Crazy robins.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never Say Never

'When Pigs Fly' assemblage sculpture
acrylic on barnboard
©robin r kent
There I was. I caught myself watching the 'Happy Brush' public tv show. I realized what I was doing about 3 minutes into it.

And 3 minutes is a very long time.

Just goes to show what repels might seem interesting years later. Does age makes us more forgiving? And art, no matter what style, is a tie that binds?

I stayed with it through the color listings.
He also was working from black gesso to light, which many artists tend to do nowadays. I followed until he got to the point of using titanium white on his go-to 2 inch house brush adding highlights.

That was enough of that for me.