'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Monday, March 25, 2013

And Now Some Street Art Assemblage...

Finally on a full tilt roll with my painterly paintings. Newest one, above, is still in progress, but whined, wanting to be on the masthead. Will post the finished version when ready.
A vision of things to come?
A street art assemblage project is next.

Like the unfinished fine art painting above, I'll post progress on my art rain barrel commission here.

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District will mount 40 finished barrels on bases and stagger them from Church Street Marketplace, Burlington (our only Vermont 'city') down the hill to Lake Champlain's waterfront.
A few sentences about stormwater run off and its threat to the lake's health, posted next to each barrel, will help educate and hopefully entertain.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Folk Art vs Trained Art

I surveyed the recent art opening where my two previously posted paintings in this blog were hung. I asked a viewer (non-painter from town) if they could tell which work was mine. He picked both out.
'Aging Circus Act'  Mixed media sculpture      ©robinrkent
Going back to creating 'painterly paintings' from contemporary folk art has been a learning lesson. Seems one can transfer painting experiences from one medium - and style - to another. No one-trick pony. 

Universal topics often arise at the same time. I recently read via the Fenimore Art Museum  blog  the same art segregation issues when museums hang shows. They highlight a well written article from the New York Times in their post on this very topic.

But from the art business side, is it a good thing to mix styles? When patrons see you as a folk artist and then you're painting 'paintings,' are you confusing your market?