'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Friday, January 18, 2013

Art more valuable than money?

'People seem to believe more in art today than they do in money.'- Alex Vervoordt, Antiques dealer and interior designer, ElleDecor

Came across this quote while scanning my usual magazines trying to zero in on the art shown in the room settings. It stopped me and grabbed my attention.
 Portrait of the folk artist as a blonde
 in the early days long ago, experimenting
More than money?
Sounds like spinning gold from straw. Yes, the riches are in knowing one's calling. Payback comes in the details - making art choices that will change the direction of a piece at every step:
subject matter? what's to be conveyed?
traditional or folk art style?
2 or 3D -  painting, relief, or sculpture?
whimsical or trained, aka 'serious'? (my hardest query at the moment)
colorful or muted?

Those answers could stay elusive and may take a lifetime of experimentation.
Not in a hurry, though.
As long as others continue to believe more in art than money.


Sand said...

Now that is whimsical. I like the glimpse at a judgement of value by you. The "blonde" comment is way funny.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm finding people are viewing Art as NOT Money in my world.
If you know what I mean!
At my Day Job they ask me to create posters, come up with illustrations and never think I should be paid for it. If I was a plumber on the side, they would probably ask me to fix the leaking faucet. :(
I WISH I knew people who valued Art more than money but...oh well.
Love that photo! Aren't you Blonde now too? Love that painting also. It's been so long since I've been to Vermont but I do remember that it was anything but flat! But SO beautiful.
xoxo - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

No longer blonde. I've changed my way of thinking. It was a slow, painful procedure, but aren't all worthwhile ones that way? Now I'm shorter and naturally blonder, called grey. (Bio pic was mid-process.)

Carole said...

I hope everyones believe that when they come in to the gallery where my paintings are hanging and fall in love with them and throw their detested money my way! ha ha. Have a good week, Robin.