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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Poignant Side of Funny

Liking poetry for the chance to chew on words slowly, a blog I silently follow called 'The Rain In My Pursehttp://theraininmypurse.blogspot.com/ gives me a full course dinner.

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What's so funny?
I chuckled at the poem she mentioned called 'What Narcissism Means to Me' by Tony Hoagland, published by Graywolf Press. Never aware of that phrase before - if it is one - (I don't get around much), I had to read it.

Comedy and Tragedy being so connected, I wonder why they aren't thought of as a unit more often. Like twins separated at birth, or sweet complementing spicy, or Woody Allen, the hidden poignant factor helps - in a strange way - find that funny side of life.

I think laughing, or even a fleeting grin, is a way we unconsciously give thanks for being part of the act.


Carole said...

I guess that's why a person can experience laughing turning into cries. Those are some whiskers!

MimiTabby said...

Thanks for your kind words. I have not been visiting many blogs lately, I guess you know why. But I see you changed yours, I love the woman with her kitty and I love this cat with the bird on his head!!!!
you are doing wonderful things. keep it up.

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Cynthia Myers said...

Comedy and Tragedy connected?
That is indeed a relief.
I'm always surpressing smiles and stifling laughter at funerals.
And here I thought I might just be a Lunatic or worse, merely Morbid.

Sand said...

In a crossword I did yesterday there was the hint "sitting pretty" the answer..... "thecatbirdseat"

Robin Kent said...

Sand, you learn something new everyday!