'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This 'Old' Folk In Contemporary Folk Art

This year being more than 'half course through its run,' I'm in a reminiscing mode. Or maybe this happens more as you age. A better file to rifle through?
'Old Woman on Bus' from my (early) sketchbook, 1975
I reflected on a comment shared by a show Director. He was told: 'they really liked my work' but were surprised to learn 'I wasn't a young artist.' They thought I was more 'hipper' than 'geezer.' Guess not.

Hints are offered when viewing artwork. And many opinions assumed by viewers. There are no wrong answers; make of it whatever your imagination wants. Until you float back into reality.

I love Matisse's cut outs. So bright, uncomplicated, childlike. He didn't start this technique until ill, 15 years before his death. Who'd know?

Maybe the soul comes through when creating art. It is a form of communication. Just depends on the receiver's interpretation -  and a timeless meeting of the minds?


Carole said...

Hi Robin, you old woman reminds me of a Kathe Kollwitz drawing. Have a great week.

Cynthia Myers said...

How kind of him to share that comment. So someone has to be young to be hip? What a stupid statement that geezer is opposite of hip. Grrr. I am mad about it even if you are not. I admire the fact that you can put a positive spin on it, you are definitely a better person than I.
By the way, I love "Gallop" you are amazing for an old fart. LOL!

Caryn King said...

Thank you for keeping your blog Robin...I always enjoy. Best, Caryn

MimiTabby said...

ha, I knew you were no spring chicken. It takes years to get this good.