'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Friday, August 17, 2012

Folk Art Assemblage: Step One

Just when I was wondering if I should take a welding course and mix it up a little, fate in the form of a benevolent fellow with a woodlot, steps in. It is not unusual for me to be given relics from local citizenry. They know I might be able to incorporate their gifts and I appreciate the offer, but its been years since I've had such a large donation.
Folk art assemblages waiting to be uncovered
And the picture doesn't show the rest of the piles. When people ask 'how's your garden?' I think 'I grow weeds and am starting a lumber yard.' My tomato plants are feeling the pinch. The weedwacker is getting used more than the mower. I think about where to stack this for overwintering. Should I hire somebody to help. So many sides to the process before the dainty part of assembling, painting, and displaying.
Guess fate answered any questions about changing mediums. Maybe hinting for me to go large scale? 'Go big or go home' comes to mind. But wait, I am home.


Carole said...

Wow....what a great pile of wood you've got there! Yup with all that wood you could go big, really big!
I love, love, love Gallop!

Sand said...

I say stick with the wood anyway. I don't picture that nice pretty face (new picture) covered up in a Rosie the riveter helmet.