'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The start (with color changes to come)

Painting chickens as sidewalk art for 'What's Hatching in Brandon'. Such is the assignment for Brandon Artists Guild's www.brandonartistsguild.org summer project. Our Guild has created various summer-long themes for over 10 years now. Always fun to tackle a new subject for the curbside viewing public.
Large attention-getting pieces will be seen in front of shops starting from Memorial Day to Columbus Day weekend, and we'll strut our stuff in the July 4th parade. (pictures to follow?)
And I'm not alone in making these oversized (4'x5') interactive plaques. I think there will be 10 or so done for placement around town - the most ever yet.
Add your face here!   ©robinrkent

I'm not very good at planning ahead of time, but I tried to document the process as I went along.

Here are some snaps I took as I tried to create can-can dancing french hens on ply with housepaint. (Tentatively to be placed in front of the Gourmet Provence shop. cafeprovencevt.com/)

The black hole in the center chicken will be cut out for any dancer/chicken wannabees to add their face to the art. What a photo op!
Finale!   OOOO la la!    ©robinrkent


Cynthia Myers said...

I love this. I really like seeing a bit of your process. I can't hardly wait to see more!!!
I hope you get photos of it all!
What great fun.
I wish I had the $$$ to come to Vermont and see it all. Vermont is SO pretty.

MimiTabby said...

oh you really do get to do some fun stuff! I was hoping there would be a photo of YOU in the center of that painting. :)

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

Robin Kent said...

Hope you noticed the litter containers put to good use, raising that ply up so I didn't wreck my back to paint the bottom section! Will try to document more in the future starting earlier in the process.

Robin Kent said...

I'll try to remember to post a pic of this when it's in place (and with my head in the center!)

Carole said...

Robin, you always hit my funny bone! Love these can can chicks! Love their stockings, and cute little outfits! Everyone in Brandon will want their photos taken with these gals.

amanda white said...

Looking forward to that!
What a superbly energetic group, such chic Easter chickens.

Sand said...

I am going to be a bit contrary. While I respect the backstage view I have to admit I miss the shadow puppets and a little more "mystical" approach to your creative descriptions. Maybe I am too old school.

Robin Kent said...

I always look forward to your comments, Sand! Every one is full of substance and inspiration. Will try to be more forthcoming on my inner ramblings thanks to your encouragement.
(My inner thought on this post was how I underestimated the difficulty of stuffing chickens into scanty costumes.)

PURA said...

Funny chicks drawing to put one's faces in - I wish i could.

Sand said...

When I was a kid I sat in the park and waited for inspiration. Then I went to college. Satre,, Godot and I realized it wasn't coming .... From somewhere else.
It was there all the time.

Robin Kent said...

Ah, yes: Waiting for Godot.