'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Papers Everywhere

'The Happy Couple'
Acrylic on wood wall assemblage
I constantly am organizing, filing or recycling paper. In many forms-magazines, junk mail, notes. I look at the shredder and think what a great artistic tool. Maybe when things slow down and I stop decluttering the house. 
Does paper reproduce overnight while I sleep?  
photos from the barn attic
I am not a collector. I could live spare and sparse. Not so with Jim. And I do appreciate his ‘eye’. Ephemera is near and dear to his heart. Love the old photos he found upstairs in the barn. Wonder who they were? They, like good art, beckon, giving off an energy of their own. Wonder if they ever thought in their wildest dreams they might be the subjects for original art? 


Cynthia Myers said...

Captain and Crew, The Happy Couple...OMG!!! They are so FANTASTIC!
You never cease to amaze me with your talent!
I have been a collector but I spent all last weekend and then on my day off - yesterday - sorting and purging, turning over a new leaf.
And it feels great.

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Cindi. Turning over a new leaf is so exciting-you never know what's on the other side! Hope you get a chance to use the best of your best collections in some form. Nice to see old things get a new life. Jim's gone from quantity to quality. -Just a few.

Karin Lynn Cumming said...

Oh I do enjoy your art so. I can't "see" the possibilities that you when you create your art. I met an artist in Puerto Morelos Mexico that has the same humor that you obviously have. I just wanted to say again...Bravo....you are great.

Carole said...

Robin, they are such a cute couple! Obviously very happy with their arms looped together.

The photos Jim found in the barn are an amazing find! Keepers....right? I'm betting they never dreamed of being art subjects!

Paper has a knack of being everywhere and I agree it must reproduce at night while we sleep. Every two weeks we put out our recycling bag full of unwanted papers!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Karin. Nice to know there are others out there inflicting the same type of rationale.
Carole, I want, someday, to set my blog up like yours where you can respond to each comment. It's so nice that way. And yes, those photos are keepers, sort of. To be incorporated into other collage art or just used as inspiration.

MimiTabby said...

You probably already know that i too am nuts for old photos. I am the keeper of the photos and the negatives from both sides of the family. Old negatives are often surprises because they represent the photo your grandmother (or mother, or you) gave away and never got around to reprinting. Other people's old photos are fun too. and I love your funny couple.

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