'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is this a sign?

....or an art piece?
A new illustrious shop has opened in downtown this summer. One of our prominent interior and architectural designers decided to go public with a shop full of wonderful touches that make a house a home. Actually the name of her shop is The Home Shop.
I was happy given the assignment of making her sign. She had an image of her daughter in mind and it was easy to translate into reality.

This photo shows the finished sign, propped inside against the glass, waiting to be hung outside.
courtesy of Nancy Leary, proprietor. 

Below are some photos I took of the process:

(left) This became my guide for the finished piece. It has notes as to the size (big!) permitted as well as suggested hanging spots. 
Although I think in 3D assemblage, this showed the overall look of the finished piece.

(middle) I marked off the size limitation so I wouldn't make it bigger than desired (I know how things can get away from you), and eyeballed the drawing on primed sign board (plywood with a brown kraft paper finish) painted black. Chalk makes it simple to make corrections and easy to see while cutting it out.
(bottom) I make a pattern of the pieces to be in relief (face, hands, leg, house, sash), cut two of each  (it's a 2 sided sign, hung perpendicular to the front of the building), painted each element using my usual house paint palette and glued them in place following the chalk outlines.
And viola! Another of my signs hit the street in downtown Brandon. Now a rest then back to creating art for inside homes.


Cindi Myers said...

Oh! I love seeing your process!
I bet they were thrilled with your Art/sign.
How great that your town is filled with your creations!

An Urban Cottage said...

How great that such a nice sign is so personal to the owner. Nice to see your process too.

mimi said...

I LOVE LOVE the photo on the top of you, your cat, and your painting.

I also appreciate the steps you took to make that wonderful winsome sign.

Sand said...

Nice evolution view of things