'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air

I sold my two fine art acrylic on canvas paintings and the gallery wanted replacements.
Sold: 'Old Wooden Dock' Acrylic on canvas  ©robinrkent

Since they were hung above/below each other, I had a narrow, vertical space to fill. A tall order.
And my bandsaw is fixed.

Sold:'Away From It All' Acrylic on canvas    ©robinrkent
So I went 'shopping' in my wood shed for the right size 'canvas.' The shed decor is very eclectic. Many forms to choose from. Haven't figured what the ironing board (below) will be used for yet since I'm unfamiliar with its original purpose. 
Wood shed with sentry

I found the perfect size in the form of a garden gate that had been trimmed at the top to accommodate some special space in a previous life. Tall and narrow. And it wanted to be outside again. That was the inspiration for the subject. Many times I listen for hints of what the reclaimed have to say.

'Al Fresco Dining' wall assemblage  21x50"  ©robinrkent
Sticks were used for the overhanging tree,
wooden balls for fruit,
scrap wood leaves and robin,
two shingles make the table,
spindle splinters for chair and table legs,
plywood for dishes and napkins,
the key hole is original;
the rest is house paint.

A summer vacation would add the final touch.


Sandy Mastroni said...

I love your how your brain works ..... great pieces , your work just makes me happy

Cindi Myers said...

OMG! Now you have me thinking of all the things that I set out on the curb while "de-clutter". I'm sure you could have made something unbelievable fabulous out of it.
You have such an amazing eye that sees what no one else can.
In other words, I love it!

Cindi Myers said...

Oh! I forgot to say....
That Fox is super cool!

An Urban Cottage said...

That very a very cool piece. Love the fox too!

mimi boothby said...

i found you again!
your acrylics are amazing!! I especially like the lake view. gorgeous.

I lost all my "blog rolls" that i had imported from Google reader to Feedly. Feedly forgot me i guess so I am starting again.

liza myers said...

Pure genius! Robin, thanks for sharing your process! I am always amazed!