'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Fine Fit

I'm the newbie on the wall at the Stowe Craft Gallery - an established craft gallery in the heart of Stowe, Vermont. Stowe is a ski town, home of The Sound of Music von Trapp family, and a town of many cultural offerings. I remember visiting thinking 'this gallery would be a great fit for my work',  then had a call from them wanting to discuss just that. Here's the piece that piqued their interest and is offered in the gallery:
'Dining Al Fresco'  wood assemblage  50 x 21"     ©robinrkent

Glad they are a gallery with a focus on fine craft. Like the Shelburne Museum, this form of art deserves to been seen with like-minded pieces. The energy plays off each other.

A craft artist leaves hints of the creative process behind in their work. Look closely to see how a problem is solved, turning their medium into a cohesive piece. I can feel their steps though it may be months past its creation day.

The difference between craft and art is muddled, but to me that extra dimension is what craft offers: the tactile/visual sense of a hands-on effort.

Even wall assemblages fit this trait.


Cindi Myers said...

I agree that the line between Fine Craft and Art can be muddled.
Too bad that there has to be any kind of label to define what is what.
I just know I love your work.
I've been to Stowe...many years ago.
Lovely town but such a different feel from the other towns I visited. It had such a sophisticated feel. Sort of like Illinois and when I go to Chicago. Do they still have the "All Things Cow" store?
So happy that you are with that Gallery. They are lucky to have you! xoxo

Sand said...

I cross-country skiied at Von Trapp a couple of times. It is a funny track. 5 miles up the hill and 5 miles back down the hill.