'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mean Streets for this Outsider Art

Sometimes I get into a subject or theme, either willingly or not, and can't let go. Now it's street art. After finishing the rain barrel for the 'Connecting the Drops' street project (see previous posts), I'm revisiting my Chef sign for Cafe Provence here in Brandon.
With new town ordinances, the old piece I made to set inside the top of their existing sandwich board put him over the size limit.
Original sign
Building a new sign - taped chalkboard paint drying
The object of the new sign is to keep visibility. Parked cars along the street were acting like a crowd blocking the view at a concert. (Or a woman in a large hat at a poetry reading.)
So some width had to go to gain height and keep within regulations.
Everything went perfectly until, out on the street, he met the enemy: The Wind. He was overwhelmed. So now he's back in the shop and we're putting our three heads together to find the solution making him weather friendly. Curb side 'outsider' art isn't always as spontaneous as it may seem.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Come and Go

I can cross another big assignment off my list. The rain barrel mermaid has left and is ready for a bigger pond. Here she is, in the city far from home, with some fellow barrels ready for their newspaper interview.
Mermaid and me (center in red) with some from her class of 20
Every time I start an assignment, I learn something new. Mostly about art or technique.

This time, I was the lesson. The reporter made a game of guessing the art to the artist.

Mermaid eavesdropping to the Director's interview
He was surprised I made the mermaid. He thought a young dude to be one tagging street art, but this first hand experience made me pause. Do fine artists get this surprised reaction? Maybe the fine arts are more dignified. Or should I find a comfortable middle ground with looser paintings and assemblages, leaving street art to the young-uns? Nooo...don't like self imposed retrictions without good reason. I'll try to own the fact of who I am no matter. Maybe I'll turn into an eccentric artist when I do get old.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Talking With My Hands

Without photos of my work to illustrate my point, I am helpless. Why post words from an artist (still not sure of the type) without something to look at? I always read story books with the goal of getting to the next illustration as a child. Now magazines are my guilty pleasure.
I have deadlines looming, being the beginning of the 'season' here in Vermont. Lots of art popping up along with gardens and baby animals. More time spent in the shop and at the easel than at the computer or outside. Here is the status of the mermaid rain barrel. (You can read the last post for her back story.)

3/4 view of the pickle, er, rain barrel in process.    
She needs to put her face on. Then some makeup. My mother used to say 'A little powder and paint makes a girl what she ain't.'

And the smell of pickled peppers (banana peppers I'd guess) when you unscrew her lid is devine. Makes you want to order a pizza.

I always start from black, so it's hard to see here, but by the end of the day, I should have her looking more photogenic and ready for her closeup. A nice flowing of mermaid hair would help as well. Will have to scout for just the right screen in the barn upstairs. Buttons for jewelry, etc, will be the final touches.

And that's a good thing: I'll have another post coming right up!