'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pocket Reference for Artists

Artists' pockets are useful for storage. Always an added bonus to find the newly acquired pants have 'deep pockets.' Deep thoughts can easily reside in there.
  Pockets as folk art subject  ©robinrkent
Lists of things to do, tools and screws to be returned, paper napkin drawings, loose change. I'll know what needs to be done next when I pull the winner out from my pocket. They become the saddlebag to my pack animal. Safe and secure when migrating, say from one side of the house to the other. 

But as the season gets colder, and I add layers, pockets become too much of a good thing. Too many hiding places. I've found  things I've looked for all summer in my spring/fall jacket. Like little memory scrap books they turn up reminding me of escaped thoughts. 

I always forget to look in the previous season's pockets. But I expect all will eventually come out in the wash. Those loose pennies are so hard to retrieve from there, though.

Left: 'For Your Consideration'
Acrylic on Barn Board


Cynthia Myers said...

OMG! This is SO me.
I have little pieces of paper EVERYWHERE with stuff scribbled on them. Just "to-do" lists and thoughts. Sometimes art ideas or something to write in a post. I really do need a nice little notebook but I've tried that and I still scribble on scrap postcards and receipts.
I recently turned my house upside down looking for my license plate renewal form that is VERY past due. I finally found it in the closet in an old purse.
I try to tell myself that clutter is the sign of a creative mind.
Still, I wish I was more organized!

Robin Kent said...

Whoa! Thanks for reminding me about sending in my renewal-it's up the end of this month!