'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Folk Art Is People's Art

I try to describe my work to others. More than likely, that doesn't work. So I pull out a business card with photographs on it (painting on one side, assemblage/sculpture on the other). That helps the conversation continue.
Take a card...
I went to an art show recently where I am usually an exhibitor. I took this year off. Being a customer felt strange. I wanted to stand in someone's booth and write up sales.
I met a folk artist there whose work I had recently discovered. She was very friendly and forthcoming with her process. Maybe we connected because we are both folk artists. We compared notes. Both of us work in mixed media with wood as the base. We're similar but different in our style.
When discussing folk art definitions, she said you know it when you see it. That's what a folk artist would say. She can join my club. It's people's art.


Cynthia Myers said...

Downhill Runaway almost makes me dizzy, he's going SO fast.
It's amazing how you make my head spin.
I am sure there were MANY disappointed people at that Art Fair, sad that you weren't there.
But I totally understand you needing to take a year off. You have so much on your plate right now.
Love those business cards. You are so right, a picture is worth more than the words to explain.
I've been thinking...maybe I should try to get some things done and see if I could be accepted into the Art fair in Davenport on Mothers day. It's a juried show..guess I could at least try!
Anyway, Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! XOXOXO - Cindi

Carole said...

Robin, your business cards rock! As does your Folk Art!
I like your description....it's people's art. Very well put.
Have a great week.