'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Before and After of Folk Art Tales

To paint on canvas or to assemble a wood sculpture was the dilemma with this next folk art project. (See previous post for the first chapter of this story.) Grimm's fairy tale 'Cinderella' was the assignment. Why hadn't other artists picked her for the Fairy Tales group show at Frog Hollow Craft Center?
'Before the Ball'  acrylic on canvas  ©robinrkent
I realized one reason, as I thought about how to portray her. She can be difficult in a perfect sort of way.
She's too cutesy. Too perfect with the birdies tying up her sash, a la Walt Disney. ...and maybe then, too shallow? What's interesting to paint about that?

Mustn't forget how she got there. That's where the grist lies. That's what made her the woman, er, fantasy she is today.
That's the part that's interesting. (Not that I'd want to take care of 2 vain women and an unloving father...) but a little exaggeration makes the modern day connection.

So this is Cindi, 'Before the Ball,' 2012 created using acrylic (still house paint, though) on canvas. Much less work than an assemblage: scrubbing wood, hammering, sanding...


Carole said...

Oh I like your version of Cindi. Walt's version always made me a bit queasy, yours is more womanly and strong. I really like her eyes and sideways mouth.
I'll be gone, without a computer, for the next week. Will you miss me? I'll miss reading your blog!

Cynthia Myers said...

I feel like the "before".
Busy getting the daily stuff done.
Sort of wishing for the moments "during" the ball.
But not the "after".
Where you still have to get the daily stuff done, but now also take care of a Prince and make sure you look pretty while doing it.
:) - Cindi
ps - thanks so much for your encouraging comment the other day!

Judy Hartman said...

I'm coming here from Amanda White's blog. Absolutely love your work - colors, playfulness, the solid look of your images, etc. I'm planning to look back at previous posts. Glad i found you!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Judy! Sometimes I think I'm whistling in the wind. Good to know it's being heard somewhere. I'd love to find out how to set up the comment section so I can 'reply' to comments in an organized way. Need to work on that...

Sand said...

I was gonna enter the "no comment" zone but know that you said something about whistling in the wind...oh well ...I had to comment.
Is cindy a metaphor for aging, redemption, or just plain luck?

Robin Kent said...

I understand the 'no comment' zone having been there many times myself. It's so gratifying having feedback from visitors, though. Thanks to all of you for that. Many times the comments have more substance than the initial post itself!
Sand, I think all the options you mention are valid. It's in the eye of the beholder this time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Anon,
I'm working on adding it. Thanks for the poke! Will try to get it up asap.
Next would be adding a reply section for each comment..