'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Folk Art Diary: A Focus

When viewing my own or any painting, my first response is always 'Where do I focus?' How is the composition organized? Did the artist's paint brush play traffic cop?
Not that all paintings have to have a focus. One thing I love about 'art' is it should be malleable enough to break all assumptions. Keeping it from being a science.
'Summer Shower' acrylic on barn boards ©robinrkent
Sometimes a painting's focus can be an only child: simple, quiet, and clean; or surrounded by a tribe of secondary and tertiary siblings: clamoring but supportive.
Most times I don't want to be confused on where to start. Searching where the strength lies. Where the initial wow factor emanates. Just show me. Life is tough enough.
Other times I need the search. Like a mystery novel, unwinding clues, finding the main thread, sitting back and seeing how it came together. The aha factor. I appreciate getting there.
The focus of this painting is obvious. It's simplistic and busy with lots of elements to look at. This is as detailed as I ever get. Maybe a little much, but some gardeners would approve: more is never enough.


Els said...

Yes, I know about composition, focus, etc etc, but what I love in your work móst is the FUN that jumps out of it !!!

Carole said...

Your gardener looks like she's having fun, which is too many people miss in life. Your work, whether simple or busy is bright and fun! Love that it's painted on barn boards! Happy weekend to you. xo

MimiTabby said...

yes, you have a great way to look at what you are painting, but like Els said, what sets you apart is the fun of it. Your pieces each make me smile.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

An Urban Cottage said...

You just highlighted something that I never thought about. I've learned that your eye goes to the area of highest contrast. It's usually, but not necessarily, a contrast of light against dark. For me the focus of your painting is not only the woman but the water falling from the watering can. So perhaps contrast can be created just by the suggestion of movement in one particular place. Very interesting.

Cynthia Myers said...

I love this of course.
I relate to the fact that she's planting as the moon comes up, that her garden is overflowing and yet she still had seeds to add.
It's so cool how there's a story going on. As always. I'm blown away.

I'm not sure if you got my additional emails but you are NOTHING like the people I wrote about in my recent post. You made a heavy heart decision that was best for all concerned. I only wish you lived closer and I would bring that fat doxie mix to you. XOXO! - Cindi