'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Sunday, October 2, 2011

If it doesn't move, paint it

Painted Turtle rocks
©robin r kent
I walked around with a paint brush aimed at everything, figuratively speaking.

The cards said I would work in a 'earth-based' medium. What did that mean? I knew I could capture what I saw, but then, what manner and means to describe it? My options for what to paint and what to paint ON expanded.
Rabbit & Raccoon rocks
©robin r kent

Scandinavian-French Country style Cupboard?
©robin r kent
I added painted rocks (remember that era?). I still have some untouched in my cellar.
Monet's Rocker
© robin r kent
I had dabbled in painting furniture before, but it took hold when I met Jim. He repaired old furniture found here and there. Painting on surfaces other than canvas was fun for me. Like condoned graffiti?

I painted sailing ships on bureaus, farm scenes on sideboards. I decorated new pieces he built on commission in Scandinavian, French Country, and Rufus Porter styles.

My hand loosened up. As well as my mind. Many surfaces, but I kept searching.

As we got older, the pieces became smaller. (I still paint children's furniture.) Shards of furniture are the perfect size for assemblages and sculptures. Not as hard to move as a 8 foot cupboard. That satisfied my three dimensional creative urge.
Whatever 'earth-based' surface is the right choice, if not canvas or stone, then it's wood. For now.


Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

what a wonderful philosophy! You are creative, therefore you must create. On whatever you can get your hands on. Your touches on wooden furniture surely increase value and beauty. Amazing rock paintings!!

oldblackcatboo said...

I have a book somewhere (buried under old magazines, no doubt) about painting on rocks and I must say - you put that art to shame!
YOURS are fantastic!
:D - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Mimi and Cindi. All I can think of is that movie clip with Gene Kelly singing 'Gotta dance!'.
A feeling of security with rocks in the cellar: an artist version of money in the bank. Maybe they'll be back in style someday.

Carole said...

Hey Robin, I was at a garden shop a few weeks ago and they were selling some painted rocks! Might be time to visit the riverbed again. Wood looks soooo good with your paint on it! :)

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Carole. Good to know what comes around goes around and back again!

momamama said...

Wow..... I really love the painted rocks!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks momamama. I still run my hand across the small unpainted ones I have lying around upstairs. Maybe they've turned into worry stones?

Els said...

Hi Robin, found you through Sus and then Carole Reid, love the way you paint things !!! Great style ánd with humour too !!!

Robin Kent said...

Hi Els, thanks for visiting! Glad to know how you found me. I once found an artist I liked but couldn't retrace my steps in how I discovered her. I was lost in cyberspace! She would have appreciated knowing. Now I pay attention to the trail as well as the work. Will visit you soon.

Sand said...

I have to admit that I like your comments almost as much as your work. When you reflect on the past and tie that into your process it adds dimension.
Thanks and please keep doing it

Robin Kent said...

Thank you Sand! What a nice way for me to start the day! Will do.