'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Signs Among Us

©robin r kent
Sandwich board for Cafe Provence
 leading to the upstairs entrance
©robin r kent
My show in the window at Frog Hollow Gallery

Garden Goddess sign on Rt 7, directing traffic to the shop

I hear the leaves whirling in the driveway. A sign of things to come. The change in season is echoed by the changes in my shop and barn. Exterior repairs to what nature tore down. Interior editing has been a goal for years (see my first blog entry 3/17/11) but never has come to pass -
until now.
Cafe Provence's citroen 2cv truckette
sporting my illustration of Chef Robert

Jim is in mourning as he says goodbye to many of his objets trouves. He has such a good eye; there are many still being kept. I'll be able to put them to use in future folk art assemblages.

Speaking of signs, here are some photos of signs I made for local venues. I'll need to make a new sign for my reassembled gallery, too.
My brother and his wife testing the sign in my shop
for the Shelburne Museum (notice Callie, bottom left)

Shelburne Museum Circus sign in place

My 'Open' sign with my art in the window
at the Brandon Artists Guild
©robin r kent 


oldblackcatboo said...

Wow! WOW! Wow!
I keep enlarging everything and squinting over my glasses.
I want to go outside and paint my fence with flowers and animals and...
It would never be as cool as your work but you inspire me so much!
Love it!
:) - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

None of these were primped before photographing. Enlarged, you can see they are well used! The Chef sandwich board is removed every night from the main sign and magically reappears around noon.
(Cindi- a good project for your scroll saw!)

amanda white said...

I just love your signs they are such fun. The circus one is brilliant. You should win an award for brightening up your town.

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Amanda! I did hear some comments about me making more signs for downtown. I haven't photographed all the ones in use yet ( I take them for granted). Maybe I'll post my own new one when done?

amanda white said...

Post them all! A sign gallery will be fascinating viewing.
Take nothing for granted!
(Now there's a motto for this date!)


Gwen Bell said...

Every one of these signs show your incredible imagination. So fun and so unique. It's great to see them in their environments.

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Gwen. Good to hear from you!
Amanda- I will try to photograph the ones remaining before the snow falls. Didn't want to take a good subject (signs) and, to paraphase singer Leo Koettke, pound them into the ground, er, posts. But now you've given me permission! Will see how far I get...this season is too short. Especially in New England.

Sandy Mastroni said...

wow Robin
you are an incredible artist .....
just .... wow

Carole said...

You ,my dear, have painted some incredible signs! I agree with Amanda that you should post them ALL. I know I'd love to see them, each and every one of them.

momamama said...

I am loving the garden goddess!
You make it impossible to drive by, good work!