'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Signs Among Us, part 2

Gallery barn door & breezeway; kitchen porch
currently being renovated. Old 'Artisans
at the Bend' sign above window. We're closed for now. Note
Christmas lights at the ready. A Vermont tradition.

Just like a serial movie with a 'really, really likes me' theme, I've been encouraged to show more of the signs I've done locally. I think this should suffice.

I'll start at home. While the side of our barn/gallery gets updated, the 'hand' sign directing visitors near the door stays intact. I've run from the other end of the house to answer the call, hearing 'eighty five, eighty six...'
Caption on arm says it all...
This XL piece has been swinging on our
porch for years. We leave it out as an
example of housepaint durability

Here are others around town:
'Art in the Snow' open studios is held one weekend
a month January-March. Fellow artists helped make
copies of my prototype and placed them around town.
Larger than life, they add a presence to the winter population.

This sign was outside a few years ago as a supplement
to the Artist Guild's annual project, called 'Sunflowers.' It was
in a public setting ready for a photo op similar to the Shelburne Museum's
sign (previous post). Fellow artist Patty, pattysgrecci.com shows how its done.
'The Inside Scoop' sign announces their
real fruit smoothies. It was helpful to taste-test
the raspberry (my favorite) made of real fruit. The sign
color was matched to it. brandon.org/insidescoop

Lastly, I painted this HUGE 'picture frame' - the opening is the size
of a narrow door - for part of a stage set honoring our town's
famous folk artist, Warren Kimble. Bet you recognize his work.
Again, no picture when it was up in lights. It's not really a sign,
but one of my favorites, as is he. http://warrenkimble.com/


Carole said...

Okay Robin.....I'm going to test the counting out one day at your door! Too funny! You and your signs must be well known in your neighbourhood. Thank you for posting these......I could look at more if you posted more....hint, hint!

Robin Kent said...

I tells ya, my pockets are empty (of sign photos) now! Count 'em: 1...,2..., It's pretty bad when all I have to post, as a positive thing, are pics of my house/barn without makeup and my beloved signs barely holding on. But Carole, I'd answer the door if it was you!

Carole said...

and will you put the kettle on for tea or perk a pot of coffee?

Robin Kent said...

Both! And, If I knew you were coming I'd bake a cake.

momamama said...

They all make me want to sing, keep up the great work!

oldblackcatboo said...

Whoa! I've been kinda hit and miss on my blog reading this week and I can't believe I almost MISSED this post! I love it! I adore everything you create.
and did you say cake?
Can I join you two???
I'll wash out your paint brushes.
:) - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

Another round of cake! I am out of signs now. Except for the one I'll have to make for myself after all the construction is over. I guess it must be a sign...

Robin Kent said...

Singing is definitely encouraged as long as it's not done with your mouth full!

liza myers said...

Robin it's so great to see these all put together. There are lots more I know, all joyful and pizzazzy. Thanks for sharing that part of yourself with the world. Miss you!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Liza! Good to hear from you. Life and town are not the same without you!

amanda white said...

Wooohooo these have brightened up my day. I love them all but especially your swinging family and the snowman.
Such fun.