'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Folk Art Diary: Tilling the soil

'Three Carrot Gardener' folk art wood garden sculpture
©robin r kent
I have to say I was taken by surprise to find one of my long ago paintings of crows on a beautiful site called     www.crowaday.blogspot.com
Terry Davitt Powell displays sensitive, stunning art with crows always the subject. Loved looking at all the variety in themes a black bird can evoke.
This is the time I become aware of everything popping. The lilacs have gone whoshing by, and just as I started to mourn their scented passing, the mock orange flowers. With all the vernal explosions around me, how can I concentrate?
It's my busy time of year in all respects. I must avoid the distractions of hearing the grass growing, or deciding where to plant the raspberry patch, or courting too many Red Sox games.
It's time to dig deep. What to create? I've just begun to weed the brambles of my mind. And I know some unlikely volunteers always pop up. Any surprises for you?


Sandy Mastroni said...

oh my gosh ... this lady is fantastic
I have to tell my friend Beverly Kaye .... she has a gallery in Connecticut [ look her up ]
she will LOVE this as much as I do
She's wonderful Robin

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Sandy. Will do.

Carole said...

Robin, why surprised! Your crows deserve to be on crowaday!

Spring gardens are such a distraction! Thankfully our weather is so wet and grey right now that I have been able to stay indoors to finish my paintings for the show.

Three Carrot Gardener has captured the way a gardener feels pulling up fresh produce from their garden. Love the way the left arm is reaching out! How tall is she?

Robin Kent said...

She's a little more than 4 feet tall. Maybe a little under 5 feet when she's wearing her stilettos.
Yes, it's been a good show deadline season here, too.
(Not that I have a show deadline...)

Robin Kent said...

P.S. Terry- just figured out how to make your URL crow a day address 'hot' (easier to link to). I learn something computer-oriented new everyday.

momamama said...

Your carrot garderner makes me feel like carrots :)
She is just wonderful!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks, momamama!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Robin ! You're too funny !..... ha ha
I like the comment you left me

oldblackcatboo said...

I've been working in my garden all weekend (taking a beverage break right now) Oh how I wish I had "Three Carrot Gardener" out there helping me! LOL!
:) - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

Hey Cindi-Good help is hard to find, don't you know..she's just a gem, and extra hands in the garden are always appreciated.

Robin Kent said...

...too bad she left me for city life.

CWBarnes said...

She is fantastico! So much talent in your ten fingers and two hands.

Robin Kent said...

Thanks CW for visiting and leaving a note!