'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreams and other-worldly places

'First Cup'
mixed media wall assemblage
©robin r kent
Last night, and for a few nights before that, I've had interesting, busy dreams. Many were thinly veiled metaphors for people and places from my past. It was nice to be in familiar surroundings visiting them again.
Another dream was just a bunch of busy work. That day's schedule had been over the top and I found myself matching socks in my sleep. It was the first time I can recall editing a dream in progress saying 'this is a waste of dreamtime' and starting a 'second feature' without really waking up.
I used to read Freud's 'Interpretation of Dreams' when younger, but now I just enjoy the ride. Who needs to go to the movies?
Many times my art problems can be solved there also. It's good to get some distance on them. There's a notebook next to my bed, but I usually remember anyway.
I fly a lot in my dreams. Always have since childhood. But I never flew too high and always had to 'peddle' to stay airborne. I must have learned that while swimming in flippers. It was handy. Still is.
Gravity is something I never took seriously. As a child in bed at night, I could look at my ceiling and think of it as a floor. I could mentally walk to my bedroom's threshold, which looked like a short wall in a submarine, step over it, and continue walking on the ceiling down the hallway. It was such a pristine surface with nice lighting. And so quiet no one could hear me. Try it. It's a good exercise.
Once when I had a childhood fever, I remember my mother kneeling at my feet offering me thin slices - like shiny needles or wires - that cut the air into three dimensional surfaces. She broke that dream by washing my face. I always remembered that invisible 3d concept of volume and came across it only once more as an adult.  But that's a story for another night. 
How do you dream? Any come true? 
Time to say goodnight. 


Sandy Mastroni said...

you're sooooooo weird .... ha ha
delightful weird
I have bad man dreams and I scare the bad man away by imitating Yoko Ono
I've scared my husband awake many times with my yoko bad man nightmares

Love your coffee cup person

Robin Kent said...

I can imagine. (It's easy if you try. Imagine all the people...) in your neighborhood scared by your Yoko imitation!
You may say that I'm a dreamer....but I'm not the only one....zzzzzz

Carole said...

I used to have a horribly scary dream about being in elementary school and finding everyone dead from...wait.....the killer....skunk! don't ask!

Robin Kent said...

So that's where I heard about killer skunks! There's something about them I heard is deadly...but maybe they were only trying to better themselves?

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

When my life was toughest I dreamed a lot of flying. I was a young mother with a kid or two and my husband was resisting adulthood. I flew in my dreams then and felt exhilarating freedom.
Nowadays for the most part, my dreams are fairly mundane. I do sometimes get painting ideas while asleep though

Carole said...

and then there are the nightmares I had about the gorillas invading my parent's house and me running around trying to lock all the doors and windows.......

I was haunted by that dream into my teens and early 20s. So badly so that once I went to a wax museum and when I noticed something moving in the shadows. To my horror it was a person dressed up in a gorilla suit. I let out a scream that scared everyone in the museum! My mom, dad, siblings and husband...yes I was 21 yrs old and married....were terribly embarrassed!

Robin Kent said...

Wow! My dreams are pretty mundane compared to yours, Mimi and Carole. What station did you say you were tuned into?

Robin Kent said...

Carole, guess that dream did come true!
Mimi, so much to draw on, but I guess quiet nights are probably more restful.
PS Must still be the dream season. Another one just left! (that's what I get for taking a rare late afternoon nap).

momamama said...

I love, love and love the flying kissing couple!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks momamama. It looked so empty with nothing up there. But it's hard to find a very horizontal pic to fill the space. (The template isn't very flexible.) Didn't realize I made so many vertical pieces...