'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Folk Art Diary, chapter 2 - Almost there

'Swinging from the rafters' housewife-
ready for her closeup
Here she is.
Almost finished.  
Just need a second look at her tomorrow with fresh eyes. You always find things that need painting or re-working then. (The crowbar is an assemblage sculptor's version of an eraser.) She also needs to hold her wooden spoon in her dangling (not pictured) hand - you can always use an extra hand in the kitchen.

The one thing I didn't think of when making her - that I thought of while painting her - was the angle she'd be viewed from when completed. Being a mobile of sorts, that perspective wouldn't be as complementary as I had imagined unless you were standing on the ceiling. What - not the norm for an art lover? So I added a few more pieces below to give 'interest,' without added 'flash'. 

Anyone care to add a critique? I always appreciate comments on my artwork as seen through others' eyes. Or come see her when complete at the Shelburne Museum's www.shelburnemuseum.orgDiamond Barn Gallery (see previous post).   


Sandy Mastroni said...

dear contemporary artist Robin
YOU are wonderful .... Love what you are working on AND I love seeing the mess you work in ... ha ha
and I also love enlarging your photos [ BIG ]

I do that sometimes .... sometimes I forget to change my camera setting

Have fun blogging .... thanks SO SO much for visiting me and saying hello

Thank you Robin !!! nice to meet you !

Robin Kent said...

Oh Thank you Sandy
I've noticed your work for quite some time and so nice to meet you - computer face to computer face. You made my day.

Patty Sgrecci said...

She looks good from here! Love that she's a mobile (kind of) :) When will the Shelburne be open so we can go see her?

Great job blogging!

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Patty. They open May 15 - Oct 30. Did you see the blog on 'brushes' I did earlier?

Robin Kent said...

P.S. Patty- It was titled 'No point to it"