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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Folk Art Diary, chapter 1

Weeeee!!!  I'm flying!
I gave up on clearing the work bench. Already found some shapes from the shard pile to use in my 'swinging from the rafters' housewife sculpture, or is it a folk art mobile, maybe? This is the first of a few pieces for the Diamond Barn Gallery, the gallery inside the Shelburne Museum. www.shelburnemuseum.org  It's located near the Steamboat 'Ticonderoga,' and across from the Lighthouse where friend and neighbor Warren Kimble has his work. It's an impressive museum, known for their huge collection of folk art. (Warning: It can take at least two full days to see most of the collections if you don't run out of energy first. Wear comfortable shoes.)

Suspended from ceiling, notice hand clamp

Back to the Creative Process:

Here's what I've done so far: I started with the swing. Then attached her lower torso (aka butt) to it; building from the ground up, so to speak. I knew I wanted to show motion so I needed her to tilt back and not just be sitting static. The most sensitive part of the task was to make it well balanced, but still able to wiggle. Had to figure that out by hanging it from my workshop ceiling and work the finer points out from there.

Next round paint and critique.  To be continued....
Art lover Callie and new piece, before lift off


Robin Kent said...

Still having trouble posting a comment? I'm just testing. Please let me know if so via my email: artisans@sover.net

Rick said...

Hi Robin,

This looks like fun! And a lot of work.


retha1969 said...

Wow Robin, great blog site! Who knew you were such an articulate writer on top of being a great artist?! heehee Love this format for you. Inspiring...

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Retha (and Rick). Better not encourage my writing skills or the next post will be some of my poetry!