'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mean Streets for this Outsider Art

Sometimes I get into a subject or theme, either willingly or not, and can't let go. Now it's street art. After finishing the rain barrel for the 'Connecting the Drops' street project (see previous posts), I'm revisiting my Chef sign for Cafe Provence here in Brandon.
With new town ordinances, the old piece I made to set inside the top of their existing sandwich board put him over the size limit.
Original sign
Building a new sign - taped chalkboard paint drying
The object of the new sign is to keep visibility. Parked cars along the street were acting like a crowd blocking the view at a concert. (Or a woman in a large hat at a poetry reading.)
So some width had to go to gain height and keep within regulations.
Everything went perfectly until, out on the street, he met the enemy: The Wind. He was overwhelmed. So now he's back in the shop and we're putting our three heads together to find the solution making him weather friendly. Curb side 'outsider' art isn't always as spontaneous as it may seem.


Sandy Mastroni said...

that guy is so fantastic .... !
I hope you find the solution ,,,, I bet you will !

Cynthia Myers said...

what about bungee cords run through cinder blocks hidden inside on the bottom? You could screw "eyes" in the inside to hook the bungee hooks.

Yes, every since I saw your rain barrel against that wall, I've been obsessed with Street & Graffiti. I now have a whole board "pinned" on Pinterest dedicated to it.

Love your guy and the header one too! xoxo - Cindi

An Urban Cottage said...

You've got to love ordinances. No, you really don't.

But I do love the robins in your header piece.

Mimi said...

I've missed you. I don't get notified anymore because my blog reader died.
Thanks for commenting on my lonely blog, apparently my audience went away too without the blog reader s/w..

Carole said...

Hmmmm I'm sure three heads will work this out! He needs to be seen and admired. xo Carole