'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fairy Tales and Folk Art

I'd like to do a whole theme of favorite fairy tales someday when there are no deadlines. Is that Neverland? Guess Frog Hollow's 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' show is still on my mind. (blog posts Sept. 8 and 15, 2012)
The new subject now for the Framers Market's Gallery show (November 2, '12) is 'Tweets.' Will it only be about birds?  Many ideas are flying, and I need one to land. In the meantime, I did this small painting that covers both:
'Fly By Night'   acrylic on canvas         ©robinrkent
The idea came from my memory of an Andersen's fairy tales illustration.
So convenient that my mother read while I stared at the illustrations. I looked forward to pages that displayed them.
I don't think being read to helped her goal of teaching me to read, but really helped my studio arts education.
The illustration style from those old children's books held me. They had a mystical yet ominous style I still love. Was life harder? Childhood short, and reality bleak. Maybe the candy colors of today are just illusions.


Cynthia Myers said...

This painting leaves me with questions.
What are they flying away from?
They both look a little afraid.
I wish there was a series of paintings. More of them to tell me more of the story.

Carole said...

My gosh it's nice to be home and see your lovely work again! You, my dear Robin, are full of all sorts of interesting ideas! xo Carole

Robin Kent said...

Cindi, I'll have posts to come to give the back story on this subject. To be continued...

Carole, welcome home! I was just wondering when you'd be returning!

MimiTabby said...

you don't think your mom reading to you helped you learn to read? It taught you that magic was in books. The first step!