'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Folk Art Diary: Coffee, Tea, or Espresso?

'Crossing the Line'
Acrylic, wood, wire wall assemblage
©robin r kent
My drink of choice changes depending on my mood, my goals, and my health.
Recently it's been tea all the way. It's great when you have a cold. No sharp edges. Lulls you to sleep and reminds you of the gentler things in life. Isn't it funny how your mind thinks when feeling sick? Things you wouldn't give a thought to become stuck as ruminations and won't leave. Like another germ. Time takes on a different proportion. Tea helps remind you of better days to come.
Coffee is my social drink. Talks with my mother in the morning over coffee is a family tradition. In the 1948 movie, 'I Remember Mama,' they were constantly making or offering coffee. It's good for meetings, office time, open houses. It's a bonding drink. Warm, and nice to be with, like a supportive friend. And forgiving like one also. Now where did I leave that cup? It travels well and keeps me focused while driving. Glad coffee doesn't have ears. It never criticizes my singing flat when I join in with the car radio, for stimuli at the end of a trip.
That's where expresso comes in. I'm a morning person. It puts the giddy up in me. I can think ahead and also sideways while working on an art piece. Pondering the potential options of using this stick or that, this color here or there, to define an assemblage or painting. I can picture my eyes turning into caffinated rotating spirals.
I like them all. They console and fill me up without being heavy (love that part-I can drink espresso without sugar!) while I take care other things. What a support system.


Sandy Mastroni said...

wonderful Robin !
as always .... I love your work

Carole said...

Tea, coffee, espresso, all wonderful and as you say dependant upon the mood. "Crossing the Line" is awfully cute.

Cynthia Myers said...

I am NOW a morning person, thanks to a little help from my friend Coffee. I used to drink Iced Tea non-stop as a child and just recently started again as an effort to get off diet Pop.
"Crossing the Line" is wonderful, I love the use of wire.
Of course I adore "Dog, Rug. Bone"!
I felt a surge of excitement as I click on your blog and saw it!
LOVE LOVE it. :)
well, back to my "to do list"!
(Thanks for this! you always inspire me.)XOXO - Cindi

Sand said...

"Crossing the Line" reminds me that I have to register for my summer triathlon. I am not that young and will need all the coffee energy I can get.
I like the ring around the dog's eye. It reminds me of the "Little Rascals" dog from early tv days. Ok Spanky

PURA said...

No doubt i'm a tea lover and like you coffee is my social drink when going out with my girls - breakfast or an afternoon coffee - or with my husband in a cafeteria. But i'm a tea lover and i'm not a morning person ;-)

Sharin Barber said...

I love the doggy on the rug with his bone....... so cute!