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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Surfing My Blogspot Neighbors

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Babies, quilters, musicians, knitters, photographers, and someone who had been removed. Wonder what for? What kind of blog was that about?!!
I'm curious how the blog powers decide to group us. Is it by chronological order when we first started our blog? I know it's not by subject matter. Not in any kind of order that I can tell.  And does it shuffle around every time you sign on, like a deck of cards? I have a hard enough time keeping my own papers in order. Must be something only the Giant Cyberspace Pumpkin knows.
I always have to search for the artists. Never can see enough art.
Artist connections through the blog have been deeply humbling. I have found truly gifted artists I would never have met any other way. Their art is fantastic and their writings and/or literary knowledge enlightening. Check out some of my kindred colleagues on my 'follow' list. Some are contemporary folk, naive, outsider artists in the same category as my work. Others are artists whose media or word style I'd like to experiment with someday.
I appreciate our friendship. They add a richness to my quiet life in the shop.


Carole said...

Orderless and frustrating but so worth it for the friends I've made (like YOU!) in this blogging community and the sights I never would have seen living on my Island!

Have you looked at the new format?
I like some aspects of it but hate a lot of it (no place for followers listing, or new blogs posted, or any of the other gadgets that add to the community of blogging)

Robin Kent said...

Haven't had the time yet to delve into the new format. Glad to keep treading water and posting to this one for now. Maybe it will be a new New Year's look!

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

I used to "go to the next blog" a lot too. but i have since been depending on nice blogs like yours to read, and then often clicking on other bloggers who post on YOUR blog.

I found a lot of international ones which I found fascinating, but not having anything to do with ART

oldblackcatboo said...

It all seems so random but I actually haven't "gone to the next blog" hmmm, I wonder who's over there? Now I must check!
Nope, I pretty much found YOU and everyone else from comments.
And I am extremely happy about it!
(then again, is anything really random? Ha!)
XOXO - Cindi

Carole said...

I used to go to next blog too but now I have so much to enjoy through the bloggers I know. I did find some blogs I follow from the beginning of my blogging year. Random though.

Anonymous said...

There is a kind of sadness in all the faces you depict

Robin Kent said...

Cindi, I agree the best way to find others out there is to read the comments on sites I like as well. Great minds think alike!
Carole, I spend 99% reading blogs I know, too. We're developing a history and it's nice to get a sense of the person behind the blog.
Anonymous, I take that as a compliment. The one thing I always dread is appearing too cartoony or shallow. Like black set next to white, they both enhance the other. So it is with emotions.