'Treats' Acrylic on wood assemblage ©robinrkent

Friday, July 8, 2011

Art is Energy

'Any Which Way' wood wall assemblage
©robin r kent
Picking up the paint brush is like picking up a magic wand. Sometimes you don't know what will come out at the other end. It can be explosive where you don't have to do much other than hold on loosely and let it go. But it can also be cranky, where you have to cajole what wants to come out. Vibrant is the easiest where you stand back and feel the warmth.  Moody is the least understood, needing the most support, and can be the most gratifying in the end.
What all these have in common is energy. Creative energy to be more specific? A vibration bouncing off the canvas, wall or in the case of sculpture, standing on the floor next to you. Collectors have reaffirmed  my feelings how some of my sculptures have their own presence. Like another person in the room. Trying to say something if given the chance. Yet always available to listen to your thoughts. Sometimes they can be delightful company, and other times surprise visitors when you forget for a moment they are there. That's happened more than once. 
Like Geppetto, I'd like to be able to make exactly what I want, but not always get that in the end. Each piece has an energy of its own.


Carole said...

"Any Which Way" makes me laugh at their confusion and "Falling in Love" reminds me of Chagall. They are both marvellous! The suspenders and shoes would make any couple fall in love!

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

If one of their noses start growing, look out! The one guy looks a lot like Pulcinella, a famous Neapolitan character. It's a really fun piece, nice in black and white.

momamama said...

I love these two and I know what this feels like!

Robin Kent said...

Hi Carole, Yes he is a natty dresser..Chagall is one of my favorite painters! (Although I have a few favorites, he's at the top of my list.)
Thanks Mimi. I researched Pulinella. Thanks for broadening my knowledge! Love those mythic faces.
Momamama. You're so lucky to know how that feels. It's the best feeling- on earth, or elsewhere.

David Larson Evans said...

Really nice blog love your work

Robin Kent said...

Thanks David. Love your work too. There's something similar in our styles, I think, even though it's obvious that we're different!

Liza Myers said...

Robin I love Any Which Way!!! Reading to the Cat is so dear also. You capture such a poignant and humorous part of our humanity. Thanks for making me smile.
Here's to LOTS more creative energy for you.

Robin Kent said...

Thanks Liza! Great to know you can comment now. Guess all systems to this are finally working right.
Sending creative, energetic thoughts your way, too.

oldblackcatboo said...

Not only do I love your Art, I love how you write. :)
Now if there would only be some relief from this heat, I might find some "energy"!
XOXO - Cindi

Robin Kent said...

Cindi, my energy flees to some cooler clime as well. Hope it sends a postcard telling me when it plans to return.
I read great posts by other artists, too. Maybe, being artists, we just naturally dig to uncover art in all its forms wherever we are.